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We have early morning and evening appointments available to fit into your busy schedule, and we work with all major insurers and offer no-surprises self-pay rates.

For reliable diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases and conditions, management of chronic conditions, preventive screenings, and cosmetic procedures, you now have a welcoming local option. Our team of highly-skilled staff and board-certified dermatologists in Middlesex, NJ look forward to providing you with the highest caliber of service.

Medical Dermatology

The primary goal of medical dermatology is to address medical issues affecting the health and appearance of the body’s largest organ: the skin. Whether you require diagnosis and treatment after the emergence of concerning new symptoms or you are coming in for a regularly scheduled preventive screening, the board-certified dermatologists at Certified Dermatology make it their highest priority to restore both your health and your peace of mind. 

Your dermatologist is your best resource for reliable diagnosis and rapid treatment of diseases and conditions of the skin, hair, and nails, helping to preserve your skin health at every stage of life.

Featured Procedures

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The physical and emotional scars of moderate to severe cystic or nodular acne can last a lifetime. When other treatments have failed to resolve acne symptoms, your dermatologist may choose to prescribe the powerful and highly effective oral retinoid, Accutane.

Accutane is clinically proven to dramatically reduce the appearance of moderate to severe acne, stopping breakouts at the source by preventing the skin’s sebaceous glands from producing sebum, the cause of clogged pores and breakouts.

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Mohs Surgery

A diagnosis of skin cancer is certainly cause for concern, but most skin cancer is extremely treatable. The team at Certified Dermatology often performs a precise outpatient procedure called Mohs surgery to cut away cancerous cells while maintaining as much healthy tissue as possible.

During Mohs surgery, the patient is anesthetized but remains awake and alert. For many types of skin cancer, Mohs surgery has an up to 99% success rate at removing all cancererous cells. 

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Skin Cancer Screenings

Most adults can expect their dermatologist to recommend skin cancer screenings about once a year. This painless examination allows your doctor keep track of markings and moles on the skin in order to identify any potential signs of skin cancer and start treatment as early as possible. 

Schedule an appointment for a skin cancer screening right away if you observe rapid changes in the size, shape, or color of skin markings, moles or growths on your skin.

Cosmetic Dermatology

With the rapid advancement of the field of cosmetic dermatology, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that achieving tasteful yet transformative aesthetic results is now more attainable and affordable than ever before. Keeping your specific goals top of mind, your Certified Dermatology team will help you identify the ideal treatment from our expanding array of options including injectables, fillers, laser resurfacing and more.

Your healthiest skin is your most beautiful skin, and the board-certified dermatologists at Certified Dermatology take pride in helping patients unlock a more radiant complexion and more confident self. Schedule your appointment to learn more about your options.

Healthy Skin, No Compromises

The team at Certified Dermatology in Middlesex, NJ takes your skin health seriously and we are dedicated to helping you maintain your health at every age. You deserve the highest quality of medical and cosmetic dermatology. Schedule your appointment today to experience the Certified Dermatology difference.

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