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Sclerotherapy offers an impressively effective solution to a surprisingly common cosmetic frustration: so-called “spider veins.” Sometimes also known as varicose veins, or even just visible veins, these problematic areas can develop as a natural part of the aging process, and they tend to keep us from looking as youthful and vibrant as we feel on the inside. Thankfully, sclerotherapy is here to help, and we’re excited to be offering it to patients throughout New Jersey at our many Certified Dermatology locations. This quick and effective procedure can help you non-surgically address the presence of visible veins, restoring a youthful look that you’ll be excited to show off. Ready to learn more? Take a look at our locations page and reach out to the Certified Dermatology center that’s most convenient for you. A helpful member of our team will be standing by and happy to help you set up your initial appointment.

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What Are Spider Veins?

In the medical world, spider veins and visible veins are often referred to as “telangiectasias” or “sunburst varicosities.” All of these terms, however, describe exactly the same thing: Small clusters of veins that become visible just below the surface of your skin. They can take on a reddish appearance but can sometimes also be more purple or even bluish in color. 

Regardless of the specifics of their appearance, however, they’re frequently a source of cosmetic frustration. Thankfully, Certified Dermatology is here with a non-surgical solution that won’t subject you to any kind of extensive downtime.

What’s Causing My Visible Veins?

Spider veins can develop for any number of reasons, but they most commonly appear as a natural and normal part of the aging process. As you age, your body stops producing a lot of compounds, like collagen and elastin, that keep your skin youthful, supple, and healthy. This loss of volume can eventually lead to the visibility of the veins that sit just below the surface of your skin.

Spider Veins vs. Varicose Veins

So-called “spider veins” are usually found just below the surface of your skin, and get their name due to their tendency to radiate outwards from a central point, not unlike the appearance of a spider’s body. These veins commonly show up on the knees or thighs.

Varicose veins are a bit different. This type of visible vein is usually larger and darker in color, and has a tendency to bulge out from the surface of your skin. If left untreated, varicose veins can actually become somewhat painful, so we recommend speedy treatment.

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How Sclerotherapy Works

Sclerotherapy is an impressively quick and easy treatment, and can be completed in about 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the specifics of your treatment area. The procedure involves injecting a compound known as a sclerosing agent into the veins in question, with one injection being made per vein. These injections will help to eventually break down the visible veins in question, and we’ll give you detailed aftercare instructions that will help ensure you enjoy your ideal results.

You may experience some cramping or discomfort in your legs for the first day or two after your treatment session. This is completely normal, and we’ll help you manage any discomfort that you may experience as you look forward to your exciting results. Compression stockings may also be provided to ensure that your results are as ideal as possible. After about two weeks, you’ll notice that your visible veins have begun to fade away, leaving you with a clear and rejuvenated look.

Set Up Your Initial Appointment Today

Ready to learn more about what sclerotherapy can do for you? This exciting treatment is just one of the ways that we can help you truly love the way you both look and feel. When you’re ready to learn more, a helpful member of our team is standing by. Take a look at our locations page and reach out to the Certified Dermatology center that’s most convenient for you to set up your initial appointment and get started on the road to healthy, glowing skin.

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