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Eczema—also sometimes known as atopic dermatitis—is a chronic skin condition that causes your skin to become red and itchy. This condition most frequently affects children, but it can appear at just about any age, making it a skincare issue that can be as common as it is frustrating. In addition to being uncomfortable and painful, eczema can also be somewhat unsightly, creating feelings of discomfort and having a negative impact on one’s sense of self-esteem. Thankfully, the caring team here at Certified Dermatology is here to help and can offer you a number of treatment options that’ll resolve your eczema and leave your skin feeling healthy and nourished. Ready to learn more? Check out our locations page and reach out to the office that’s most convenient for you to set up your initial appointment.

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Understanding Eczema

In many cases, eczema is associated with asthma and/or seasonal allergies, so you’re not alone if you have found that you deal with this particular issue during some parts of the year but not others. 

There is currently no cure for eczema, but with proper skin care and appropriate therapy, the condition can be easily managed. In many cases, patients find that they outgrow their symptoms as they get older they often, though they can certainly remain active throughout one’s entire lifetime. When you visit Certified Dermatology, we’ll work with you to explore your treatment options and find a way to deliver lasting relief from the symptoms of eczema.

Managing Your Eczema

Proper skin care is essential in controlling the potential flare-ups that you may experience when dealing with eczema. Many flare-ups can be seasonal, peaking with the cold, dry weather of the winter but also flaring up in accordance with the changing of the seasons. Fall and spring can also be difficult times for many patients, so it’s important to make sure that you practice proper skin year-round, so you can effectively control the potential for flare-ups. Although good skin care is vital, it is not a cure for eczema; flare-ups can still occur.

Skincare for eczema sufferers should always begin with very basic, bland products.

We recommend gentle cleansing with products such as Dove soap or soap-free cleansers like Cetaphil, CeraVe, Aveeno, and Eucerin. Emollients and moisturizers are also key, though it’s best to avoid products with fragrances and dyes.

Cetaphil, Aveeno, CeraVe, and Aquaphor are excellent choices that we commonly suggest. 

For healthy skin, it’s important to moisturize all of your skin once to twice daily, especially after you have taken a bath or shower.

When bathing, it’s best to avoid excessively hot water. We recommend trying quick, lukewarm showers to reduce aggravating your eczema and encouraging flare-ups.

When you are finished, rub a moisturizer into your skin while it is still a little damp for ideal protection from dryness.

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Offering Advanced Relief at Certified Dermatology

Treatment of eczema often requires using prescribed topical medications and oral antihistamines to help manage the itching. Topical steroid medications are a great first line in quickly managing the flare-ups that can occur but are not something that should be used on a long-term basis. We can recommend some highly effective, steroid-free topical medicines that are good choices for certain patients. These products are creams and ointments such Eucrisa, Elidel, and Protopic.

Bleach baths can be beneficial in managing the symptoms that can plague chronic eczema sufferers. For cases where symptoms are increasingly difficult to manage, we often recommend this practice. With an appropriate amount of bleach in your tub, you can effectively manage some of the symptoms and mitigate those frustrating flare-ups. We can assure you that this method is totally safe and will carefully advise you as to how much bleach to add to your tub water to convert your bath water into the equivalent of chlorine pool water. Soaking in a bleach bath a few times per week has shown good results for many of our patients. To learn more about what we can do for you, browse our locations page and reach out to the office that’s best suited to your location.

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