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Your Skin's Well-Being is Our Priority

Our Hamilton office has extended hours to accommodate your busy week, even for urgent needs. With a team of specialists trained to detect and treat any diseases of the skin, we give each patient compassionate care, from infants to older adults. Our dermatologists also offer a range of cosmetic treatments that will certainly enhance the appearance of your skin. 

Medical Dermatology

Skin health externally echoes how well the rest of the internal system is. When dermatologic conditions arise, medical dermatology is available to treat these skin abnormalities resulting from medical causes. We have a team of qualified dermatologists here to make sure your skin is in great condition. 

Our entire practice is founded on exemplary care that is pain-free and readily accessible. Knowing that issues with our skin can cause a lot of stress, we like to get you in and out quickly and painlessly. Let us take care of your dermatologic issue, so you can have one less thing to concern you. 

Featured Procedures

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If persistent acne is bringing you down, we have just the treatment to give you lasting relief. Accutane proves to be an excellent option for nodular or cystic acne that won’t respond to other treatments. By addressing the oil production source and reducing secretion by the sebaceous glands, the pores refrain from becoming clogged in the first place. With close monitoring and a treatment plan tailored just for your skin, our dermatologists can effectively manage your acne, so you can have the clear skin you desire.

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Mohs Surgery

With expert precision, the Mohs technique removes cancerous tissue fully, so there is no possible risk of recurrence. The beauty of this advanced surgical technique is that it also protects the neighboring healthy skin from being damaged. For cancerous skin located on a delicate area or increasing rapidly, the Mohs technique is incredibly effective, with success in up to 99% of cases. Our dermatologists have outstanding success in performing this surgery, so schedule your appointment right away to let us take care of your skin.

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Skin Cancer Screenings

Skin cancer is not always dangerous, but in cases where it may be life-threatening, a simple skin cancer screening could potentially save a life. With early detection, before metastasizing has begun, skin cancer can quickly and painlessly be cured. Whenever you notice a growth or spot with an abnormal appearance, we recommend coming in for a skin cancer screening, so we can provide a clear action plan to eliminate any potential concerns.

Cosmetic Dermatology

Healthy skin gives the rest of our appearance extra luster. A smooth and glowing complexion can boost self confidence in every area of our lives, both personal and professional. Cosmetic dermatology is a well-known practice of treating skin flaws, so the skin looks youthful and vibrant. 

We have an awesome team of dermatologists educated in the latests practices of cosmetic enhancement. For a treatment plan personalized to meet your aesthetic goals, schedule an appointment with one of our dermatologists, and we will make sure you leave the office with skin that looks and feels refreshed and radiant. 

Healthy Skin, No Compromises

Skin health is very important to us, which is why we like to make it easily accessible and economical. Our dermatologists are available to treat any skin abnormalities you may be experiencing without delay. No compromises to the quality of our services. We take safety and comfort very seriously, so you can trust that you are in the gentle care of experts.

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