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Our Forked River office is open for extended hours to accommodate your schedule, whether you need us for urgent or non-urgent services. Our staff is qualified to care for skin disorders at all stages, from preventative to treatment, and in patients of all ages, so even the most vulnerable patients can rely on our gentle, professional care. 

Our dermatologists also offer the latest cosmetic procedures that will help you feel rejuvenated.

Medical Dermatology

Skin can outwardly mirror what is happening on the inside of the body, because it is our largest organ. Medical dermatology is the widespread practice of treating dermatologic conditions that manifest as a result of a medical issue impacting systemic health. Each of our dermatologists is a board-certified professional with expertise in ensuring the health of the skin. 

When the skin experiences any type of abnormality, it can be an anxiety-provoking experience. With a comfortable, safe space and phenomenal dermatological care, we quickly and painlessly eliminate skin disease and put your mind at ease.

Featured Procedures

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Cystic acne can be intimidating because it can be resistant to treatment and prone to scarring. Accutane is a proven treatment that offers long-term relief, even in cases that have not responded to other options. By lessening the oil produced at the source — the sebaceous glands — the pores remain clear, which prevents outbreaks from happening. Our dermatologists customize and monitor the treatment plan for each patient’s needs. 

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Mohs Surgery

The Mohs surgical technique is popular because it is so effective at removing cancerous tissue. Because of the level of precision used in this technique, the adjacent healthy tissue is preserved all the while decreasing any risk of recurrence. With success in up to 99% of patients, this effective treatment option is the best for handling high-risk skin cancers, especially those on sensitive dermal areas or growing at a fast rate. If you are showing any of these symptoms, our dermatologists will readily perform this advanced technique.

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Skin Cancer Screenings

A simple, but extremely useful process, skin cancer screening can help to identify cancerous tissue before it spreads. When detected early, skin cancer has a quick and straightforward cure. Although not always life-threatening, in cases that are high-risk, such as melanoma, a skin cancer screening could be a lifesaver. Anytime you notice a spot or growth on your skin that seems out of the ordinary, we recommend coming in for a skin cancer screening to bring you some peace of mind.

Cosmetic Dermatology

Healthy, vibrant skin has a positive impact on our appearance as a whole. When we have smooth, supple skin, it can dramatically increase our confidence levels as we walk through our private and professional lives. For any skin flaws that you want to correct, cosmetic dermatology will leave your skin looking youthful and refreshed. 

Our dermatologists take into account your desired aesthetic goals and then customize a plan using the latest cosmetic advancements. For a rejuvenated complexion, schedule an appointment for a cosmetic treatment with our wonderful team of skilled dermatologists.

Healthy Skin, No Compromises

In our world, skin health takes precedence. We place high value on a patient-centered experience that is affordable and accessible, without compromising quality nor safety. You’ll never encounter an unspecified procedure or hidden cost — only clear, honest, pain-free care. Schedule an appointment to see one of our amazing dermatologists without delay.

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