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Our Colonia office has open hours six days a week to accommodate even the busiest schedule, and we always fit our patients in, so you never have to worry about waiting in an emergency. Our caring team of dermatologists are skilled at the diagnosis and treatment of skin disease. Whether you are a tiny newborn or a geriatric patient, we offer the highest level of comfort and care to put anyone at ease. 

Our specialized dermatologists also offer many cosmetic treatments to revitalize your complexion. Whatever your skin needs, we are available to help. 

Medical Dermatology

The largest bodily organ is the skin. As such, dermatologic issues may manifest as a result of other systemic health concerns. Whenever there is a skin abnormality due to a medical issue, medical dermatology offers a treatment protocol. Our dermatologists are board-certified professionals in optimizing skin health. 

At Certified Dermatology NJ, we aim to comfortably and safely address dermatologic concerns with immediacy because we know how distressing they can be. Our goal is to quickly and painlessly take care of your skin, so you can move through your life with ease again.

Featured Procedures

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Not only can cystic acne be both painful and embarrassing, it can also be tricky to heal. Even in resistant cases of acne that tend to leave a scar, Accutane is a proven treatment method to finally offer relief. It works by lessening the oil production by the sebaceous glands. With less oil secreted, the pores no longer become clogged, which effectively clears up the skin. Our team of dermatologists will closely monitor your treatment and customize it for the best outcome possible.

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Mohs Surgery

An incredibly advanced and highly effective surgical technique with success in up to 99% of cases, Mohs surgery removes skin cancer while preserving health tissues around it. Because of its known efficacy with high-risk cancers, it also minimizes the risk of recurrent lesions. For cancerous lesions on sensitive areas of skin or growing rapidly, we have high quality dermatological care readily available to remove the cancer and restore your serenity.

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Skin Cancer Screenings

Screening for skin cancer is a helpful process for determining whether a growth, spot, sore, or mole is dangerous or not. Luckily, most types of skin cancer do no pose a life-threatening risk. However, in cases of melanoma, the risk is high, and early detection can save a life. We like to identify cancer before it advances because it is fast and easy to cure. Let our skillful dermatologists screen you for skin cancer, so that you no longer have to wonder about any changes your skin may be experiencing. 

Cosmetic Dermatology

Beautiful skin undoubtedly enhances our appearance as a whole. Anytime blemishes, loss of elasticity, or other skin flaws begin to emerge, it can affect how confident and attractive we feel in social or professional settings. Cosmetic dermatology is an excellent treatment path to restore vitality to the skin. 

With specialized training in a variety of cosmetic enhancements, our expert dermatologists are happy to customize your treatments to get you to your desired aesthetic goal. Our cosmetic services will truly rejuvenate your skin, so you feel a renewed youthful glow, as you walk through your life.

Healthy Skin, No Compromises

We deeply value skin health. Let our team of dermatologists take care of your skin right away, with easy scheduling 6 days a week for busy schedules, and no hidden costs. We guarantee no compromises to quality and safety. Our care is pain-free, honest, straightforward, and extraordinary.

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