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About Certified Dermatology in Cherry Hill

Our Cherry Hill dermatology clinic offers convenient scheduling six days a week and extended hours. We pride ourselves on being available to accommodate our patients’ busy schedules, even in urgent situations. Our qualified staff of caring dermatologists and skincare specialist doctors have specialized training to diagnose and treat your skin, whether you are a newborn or a geriatric patient. At Certified Dermatology, we even offer an array of cosmetic treatments that are sure to revitalize your complexion.

Medical Dermatology in Cherry Hill, NJ

Being the most expansive organ of the human body, the skin manifests dermatologic conditions when there are other systemic health conditions at play. Medical dermatology treats skin abnormalities caused by any type of medical issue impacting the body. Our dermatologists in Cherry Hill, NJ are board-certified experts in the health and care of the skin. 

Our dermatology practice provides outstanding care that is both straightforward and accessible because we know that skin disease can cause much distress. We aim to quickly and effortlessly resolve dermatological concerns within a comfortable and safe environment to bring every patient peace of mind.

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Featured Dermatology Procedures

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Patients who are struggling with various levels of acne are often frustrated when they’ve found it to be resistant to different types of treatments. In these cases, we prescribe Accutane at our skin treatment center because it is a proven treatment method that effectively clears up even the most severe and resistant cases to offer long-term relief. Acne is caused by the clogging of the sebaceous glands, so Accutane prevents the obstruction of the pores by reducing the oil produced by the glands. Our dermatologists are experts in customizing the Accutane treatment and providing close monitoring for optimum results.

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Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery uses an advanced technique to surgically remove cancerous lesions with the goal of preserving the healthy surrounding tissues and reducing any risk of recurrent skin cancer. With a 99% success rate in removing high-risk skin cancers, Mohs surgery is considered the most effective treatment option. Our highly skilled dermatologists are trained in this precise surgical technique, so if you have cancer on a delicate dermal area or growing rapidly, we will take care of it right away.

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Skin Cancer Screenings

We offer skin cancer screenings to check out any moles, growths, sores that will not heal, or any other changes that you may be questioning on your skin. Although skin cancer is most often non-life-threatening, the early diagnosis of melanoma could potentially save your life. Early identification of skin cancer is simple and fast to cure before it spreads, so we recommend a regular skin cancer screening by our qualified dermatologists, so you no longer have to worry.

Cosmetic Dermatology in Cherry Hill, NJ

Skin health can play a huge role in how confident we feel about our appearance. When our skin is radiant and smooth, we walk differently through our day-to-day lives, both personally and professionally. The beauty of cosmetic dermatology is that it can make a big difference in how fresh or youthful our skin looks by making small corrections to a variety of skin flaws. 

With training in some of the best advancements in cosmetic enhancement, our excellent Cherry Hill, NJ dermatologists are here to customize a plan to achieve your desired aesthetic goals. Our cosmetic treatments are certain to leave you with the rejuvenated skin that you’ve been longing to feel again. 

Healthy Skin, No Compromises

We love to see our patients beaming with healthy skin. If you are noticing any skin conditions that are making you feel less than fabulous, our amazing team of dermatologists is here to treat you right away. We never compromise the quality of our care, so you can count on an experience that is not only pain-free, affordable, and expeditious, but also extraordinary.

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