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Welcome to Bayonne, NJ

Our Bayonne location is open to receive calls 6 days a week, so we can be reached to accommodate your busy schedule, even in urgent or emergency situations. Our specialized staff of accomplished and caring professionals is trained to diagnose and treat skin disorders in patients of all ages — from newborns to seniors. Our dermatologists also specialize in cosmetic procedures to rejuvenate your appearance. Whether you are seeking medical or cosmetic dermatology, we are here for you.

Medical Dermatology

As the largest organ of the body, the skin can outwardly reflect systemic health through the manifestation of a variety of dermatologic conditions. Medical dermatology is a practice of treating any skin abnormality that may be caused by a medical condition affecting the body. Our board-certified dermatologists are true experts in nurturing optimal skin health. 

At our practice, we pride ourselves on the ability to provide exceptional care that is straightforward and readily available. Knowing that skin disorders can cause a lot of distress, we aim to create a comfortable and safe space to quickly resolve any dermatologic issues, so that you can get back to living your life with confidence and peace of mind.

Featured Procedures

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For patients struggling with moderate to severe cystic or nodular acne that is prone to scarring, Accutane has been proven to clear up even the most resistant cases and provide long-term relief. Accutane targets the sebaceous glands by reducing the production of oil secreted by the glands, which then prevents the pores from becoming clogged. Our dermatologists provide close monitoring to address any level of acne with a customized treatment plan to achieve your desired results.

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Mohs Surgery

Using a precise surgical technique to remove cancerous skin lesions, Mohs surgery preserves as much healthy surrounding tissue as possible while minimizing the risk of recurrence. This makes it an advanced and highly effective treatment option, with up to 99% success rates for addressing high-risk skin cancers. If you are struggling with skin cancer that is located on a sensitive area or growing aggressively, our dermatologists are experts in the execution of this outstanding skin cancer removal technique.

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Skin Cancer Screenings

Skin cancer screening is a simple but important process. While most cases are not life-threatening, early detection of melanoma can have a potentially life saving impact. When identified before it has spread, skin cancer can be cured quickly and easily. For any spots, growths, moles, non-healing sores, or other changes in your skin’s appearance, a skin cancer screening by one of our skilled dermatologists will give a clear course of action to restore peace of mind.

Cosmetic Dermatology

The skin plays a crucial role in our overall appearance. When our skin is smooth, healthy, and vibrant, it can make a huge difference in the level of confidence we radiate in our personal and professional lives. Cosmetic dermatology can effectively correct an array of skin flaws, leaving you with the fresh, youthful skin you desire. 

Our highly skilled dermatologists are trained in the latest advancements of cosmetic services and will customize an individual treatment plan with your specific goals in mind. We offer a variety of cosmetic treatments that will leave you feeling revitalized, renewed, and ready for the world.

Healthy Skin, No Compromises

The health of your skin is our top priority. We welcome you to schedule an appointment with one of our amazing dermatologists any day of the week, so we can treat your skin condition right away. No hidden costs. No compromises to comfort and safety. Just immediate, honest, extraordinary care.

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