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We maintain early morning and evening dermatology appointments so that your skin health can fit into your family’s busy schedule. To ensure care is affordable, we work with all major health insurance companies and provide straightforward self-pay prices.

Dedicated Dermatology’s highly-trained staff of caring professionals and dermatologists in Allentown, PA are ready to expertly diagnose and treat skin diseases and disorders in patients of all ages, as well as provide exceptional results from cosmetic procedures.

Medical Dermatology in Allentown, PA

When you are experiencing the symptoms of a skin disease or condition, it can be stressful and scary in addition to the pain and discomfort. At Dedicated Dermatology, you can rely on board-certified dermatologists to deliver high-quality medical care in a comfortable and compassionate setting. 

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and keeping it healthy with regular visits to your trusted dermatologist is an important part of maintaining your overall health. With years of experience providing relief to dermatology patients of all ages, our staff always goes the extra mile to help you regain your healthiest skin and your peace of mind.

Featured Dermatology Procedures

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Moderate to severe cystic or nodular acne can be painful and leave lasting physical and emotional scars. When acne other treatments do not stop acne breakouts, Accutane is a powerful and potentially long-term solution. 

Accutane combats acne at the source, preventing the skin’s sebaceous glands from producing sebum, the cause of clogged pores and acne breakouts. Your dermatologist will ensure you understand your treatment options and create a custom treatment plan to help you stop breakouts for good.

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Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery is an effective treatment for the most common forms of skin cancer. During this outpatient surgery, your dermatologist cuts away small amounts of skin to remove cancerous cells over several rounds, checking samples for cancerous cells as they go. 

Mohs surgery achieves a 99% success rate for high-risk skin cancers and allows the dermatologist to preserve healthy tissue while ensuring all cancerous cells are removed. With early intervention, skin cancer can often be resolved in just one visit.

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Skin Cancer Screenings

A skin cancer screening is a simple, painless examination that allows your dermatologist to detect melanoma right away. When skin cancer is diagnosed early, less invasive and time-consuming treatment may be required. For this reason, dermatologists recommend regular yearly skin cancer screenings for most adults.

If you have noticed changes in the color or size of moles, growths or marks on the skin, a skin cancer screening should be scheduled as soon as possible.

Cosmetic Dermatology in Allentown, PA

Thanks to cosmetic dermatology, a radiant, smooth, youthful-appearing complexion can be attained without the pain and expense of plastic surgery. You may find that your aesthetic goals are more attainable and affordable than you ever thought possible. The board-certified dermatologists at Dedicated Dermatology are trained in the latest advancements in cosmetic dermatology and can help you select the appropriate treatments for your unique goals. 

At Dedicated Dermatology, you may choose from an expanding array of options including laser treatments, chemical peels, injectables, fillers, and more. Schedule your appointment to learn more about your options and find out what possibilities cosmetic dermatology can unlock for you.

Healthy Skin, No Compromises

Visit us at Dedicated Dermatology in Allentown, PA for all of your medical and cosmetic dermatology needs. Our skilled and caring staff holds your health and comfort as their top priority. Our team of board-certified dermatologists is proud to offer our neighbors excellent care for a fair price. We look forward to meeting you.

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