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Accutane, known generically as isotretinoin, is a powerful medication used primarily for severe cases of acne that have not responded to other treatments. If you're considering Accutane as a solution, it’s important to understand what to expect during and after the treatment. Board-certified dermatologists at Certified Dermatology in New Jersey are equipped to guide you through the process, ensuring you receive comprehensive care tailored to your skin’s needs.

Understanding Accutane and Its Uses

Accutane works by dramatically reducing the size of the skin's oil glands and the amount of oil they produce, clearing up skin and reducing the possibility of severe acne flare-ups. It's also effective in reducing acne-causing bacteria and inflammation. However, isotretinoin is typically used as a last resort due to its potency and potential side effects.

Initial Consultation and Preparation

Before starting Accutane, you will need a thorough evaluation from a dermatologist at Certified Dermatology. During your consultation, they will assess your medical history, discuss potential side effects, and explain the mandatory use of birth control for women of child-bearing age due to the risks of birth defects associated with isotretinoin.

What to Expect During Treatment

Regular Monitoring

Once you begin your Accutane regimen, regular appointments will be crucial. These check-ins allow your dermatologist to monitor your progress and manage any side effects. Blood tests are usually required to monitor your liver function and lipid levels, as Accutane can affect these.

Managing Side Effects

Common side effects include dry skin, chapped lips, dry eyes, and nosebleeds, which can often be managed with supportive care, such as moisturizers and lip balms. More severe side effects, though less common, can include mood changes and gastrointestinal problems, which should be reported to your dermatologist immediately.

The Role of Certified Dermatology

At Certified Dermatology in New Jersey, our board-certified dermatologists provide personalized care throughout your Accutane treatment. They are experienced in managing the delicate balance of effectively treating severe acne while minimizing side effects. Their expertise and support are integral to safely navigating the challenges of Accutane treatment.

Long-Term Expectations and Skin Care Post-Accutane

While many patients see significant improvements in their acne, it's crucial to continue caring for your skin even after completing an Accutane course. Your dermatologist at Certified Dermatology will recommend a post-treatment skincare regimen to maintain your results and support skin health.


Accutane can be a life-changing treatment for those with severe acne, but it comes with significant responsibilities and potential side effects. With the support of the skilled dermatologists at Certified Dermatology in New Jersey, you can expect a well-monitored treatment plan, professional advice, and comprehensive care to achieve the best possible outcomes for your skin health.

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