corona virus update

Dear Patients,

Our entire team is being proactive in addressing the Corona Virus concerns. We want to ensure you we are taking all precautionary measures to keep our offices safe and sterile for our patients and staff members.

Our preventive measures in our offices per the CDC’s recommendations and standard operating procedures include:  

  • We ask ONLY the patient enter the building, unless assistance is required to help the patient. 
  • Hand sanitizers are available at the check-in desk and in exam rooms.
  • Wipes will be available at the checkin for you to wipe down your seat
  • Wipes and or napkins to open all door handles.
  • We always wipe down exam rooms between patients. 
  • Only the patient (and patient assistant if required) will be be permitted in the exam room
  • Our staff always uses exam gloves and washes / sanitize hands between patient visits
  • Our staff will maintain a safe distance between the patient / patient assistant . 
  • If you have signs of a cold or fever, please take the time to reschedule your appointment.  This should always be the case. We will help expedite a new appointment when you show no signs of a fever / cold.
  • If you or your driver/assistant have traveled overseas and have an appointment scheduled, please reschedule your appointment 21 days from the date you returned to the US.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this time. If you have questions or need to reschedule , call us 732-456-7777.